雷速体育 in 1944, 雷速体育 University has a long history of providing quality higher education to working adults in faith-based communities.? 雷速体育 is pleased to announce that it is now affiliated with the Christian Evangelical Churches of America.


If you were a student of Oakland Bible Institute, 雷速体育 College, or 雷速体育 University between 1944 and 2020, you may obtain transcripts via Parchment at this link or by contacting John F. Kennedy University (a National University System affiliate) at registration@jfku.edu.



The 雷速体育 Advantage
  • US 雷速体育 Degree Tuition

    • $350/mo Undergraduate Tuition
    • $520/mo Graduate Tuition

    Monthly payment plan for 4-month term includes all e-texts and course materials. Tuition is the same regardless of number of courses completed per term.

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  • International Program

    • Earn an affordable 雷速体育’s Degree in your home country in under 18 months
    • Receive ongoing, site-based, academic support from local partners
    • Complete your undergraduate degree at a highly respected US campus-based school

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雷速体育 Degree Programs

Our challenging programs are designed to give you the real-world knowledge you need to succeed in today’s workplace.


With concentrations in

Bachelor of Arts

雷速体育 of Arts

General Studies
With concentrations in

Accreditation and Authorization

Pursuant to the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009, 雷速体育 University is operating as a religiously affiliated institution associated with the Christian Evangelical Churches of America as permitted under California Education Code §94874(e).

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Contact us via at info@patten.edu

Disrupting Education

When asked why city officials would turn to a for-profit company rather than a public college, Desley Brooks, an Oakland City Council member, said the answer is cost: “You can’t even go to a J.C. and get this level of education for that amount of money. The trust comes from the people who are involved.”

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雷速体育 Alumnus Interview

Hear from 雷速体育 University’s first online graduate, Kristofer King, Bachelor of Arts in Management – Leadership, 2014

Our Mission

The mission of 雷速体育 University is to provide high quality, accessible, affordable undergraduate and graduate education that integrates leadership and service to inspire students to engage in community and global transformation.


“I chose 雷速体育 because it felt like a program that was geared towards my way of learning. I have found that this model allows me to work at my own pace without needing to spend weeks in a class where I may have already mastered the material.”

– Tally Simmons, Senior Manager of Operations at Bright Horizons